UltraThin White Lace Adhesive Wraps / Y5315


The listing is for one set of White nail wraps with Transparent background.
This set comes with 12 pieces.

Sheet measures approximately 10cm x 6cm.

  1. Use a cuticle pusher to push the excess cuticle away from the nail then smooth the surface of your nails using a nail file or nail buff.
  2. Clean and dry your nails so they are dust and oil free. A smooth, clean, dry surface helps the adhesive stick. Avoid touching cleaned nails with your fingers as they contain natural oils that can lift the wrap off the nail.
  3. Select the size that fits your nail then peel from the plastic sheet. Then place the rounded side at the base of the nail sticky side down
  4. Firmly smooth the surface until wrinkle free
  5. Fold the excess of the wrap under the nail tip and file off the excess
  6. Apply top coat


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