Nail Art Vinyl Stencil Guides / Multi Spiral / 218


Style: Multi Spiral

Quantity: 9 patterns on one sheet

Can be used as nail vinyls or 3D nail stickers.


  1.  Apply nail polish and allow nails to completely dry.
  2.  Peel away vinyl stencil from paper backing. Some designs may require ‘weeding’ (removal of excess components). Use a tweezers to help with small pieces.
  3. Place stencil on your nail in desired location and press firmly. Make sure all edges are firmly and flat on the nail so polish does not bleed under vinyl decal.
  4. Apply a different colour polish onto your nail and over the vinyl decal like a stencil.
  5. While the polish is wet, remove the decal stencil. Wait less then 20 seconds before removing, or the polish may pull up with the decal stencil.
  6. Apply a clear top-coat to seal the design.

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