Broken Glass Effect Foil / 5 Sheets


Quantity: 5 Sheets

    Colour: Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue & Green

    Material: Foil

    Size: 15cm x 4cm

    1. Prepare your nails as you would for any manicure.
    2. Apply a base colour of your choice depending on the look you wish to achieve
    3. Cut the foil into triangles of different sizes and shapes.
    4. When the fragments are ready apply clear varnish on the nail plate.
    5. With the help of an orange wood stick and top coat glue the fragments to the nail. Remember that you should stick the foil shiny side up.
    6. Work quickly and glue foil parts on the nail.
    7. Slightly press on the fragments to create an illusion of broken glass.
    8. Allow to set and cover with a clear varnish or hardener.
    Photo credit: Nail art by @nailsbyzb

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